The 28 Best Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow For Major Motivation

Instagram is a primo place to find drool-worthy food photos, adorable videos of dogs wearing winter coats, and pics on pics on pics of your celeb crush doing their thing. It’s also a total jackpot of fitness advice and tips, plus all kinds of workouts (from HIIT, to cardio, to weight training, and everything in […]

Beware, this is the one place that will destroy your diet

***Embargo until Tuesday, 1/22, at 12 a.m, i.e. start of tuesday *** Pizzas ordered for a working lunch. Cake to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. Potato chips in the vending machine. Foods like these are all too prevalent in workplaces, according to a study released Tuesday. And for America to address its obesity epidemic, the food […]

Merkel and May eye Irish deal to snap Brexit impasse

London: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has begun to engage more directly with the Brexit process, having long calls with British Prime Minister Theresa May and other EU leaders, including the Irish Taoiseach. Brexit has been reduced to a shambles, with Britain’s Parliament unable to agree to the terms of exit and no single party, group or faction having […]

This plant-focused diet won’t save the planet

Population reduction should be easier to effect than the proposed change of diet,’ writes Richard Vernon. Photograph: Alamy Damian Carrington gives us a fine review of the “planetary health diet” in his article (New plant-focused diet would ‘transform’ planet’s future, say scientists,, 16 January). It’s clear that this diet offers both better health than […]