Beware! Overeating These Super Healthy Foods Can Make You Gain Weight

Beware! Overeating These Super Healthy Foods Can Make You Gain Weight

We all have heard the common phrase, excess of everything is bad. The phrase goes for some super nutritious foods as well. Overeating in general might be harmful for your overall health and should be avoided. Although, there are certain healthy foods which should be included in your diet but not in excessive quantities. One should always keep in mind that excess of any food is not always beneficial for your health. If eating some food can be healthy for you, it does not mean eating in large amounts can be healthier for you. For instance, milk is extremely nutritious and should be taken by one and all. But even if you take milk in excess quantities it can lead to some digestive problems.

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Eating too much of these foods might be harmful:

1. Nuts:

Healthy nuts are rich in fiber and proteins. You need fiber as it helps in digestion. But even eating a lot of fiber in large quantities can lead to some digestive issues like bloating, gas and diarrhea. Moreover, nuts are high in fat. Though most of the fat is unsaturated and beneficial for lowering cholesterol, high fat means high amount of calories which could lead to weight gain.


Healthy nuts are rich in fiber and proteins.
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2. Olive oil:

Though a healthy substitute of other cooking oils, over consumption of olive oil may also be detrimental for your health. Olive oil too contains a lot of calories. If you do not burn off those calories through physical activity, they will get stored as fat, causing you to gain weight. While olive oil is better than some animal-based fats such as butter or lard, excess quantities of any kind of fat may be bad for you. Excessive fat consumption may increase the risk of other health conditions like obesity, high blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

3. Cheese:

In general, cheese is a healthy fat and is loaded with many vital nutrients. Occasionally snacking on cheese can be a good option. But if you include cheese in almost everything you eat(salads, pizza, burger, soups, sandwiches and wraps), it might have a negative impact on your health. Also, it is usually loaded with sodium, which makes it easy to overeat and can lead to high blood pressure. Moreover, cheese contains no fiber, therefore, the excessive intake of cheese may cause constipation.


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