New research debunks importance of eye contact

Remember that magical moment when you first locked eyes with your partner and felt an instant connection? Chances are they were looking at your mouth. Or your ear. Yes, eye contact might be all in our heads, according to new research by Edith Cowan University. Using eye tracking technology, ECU researchers have demonstrated that people […]

Why Votary’s Luxurious Intense Eye Oil Is Worth Every Penny

I realize it’s nearly impossible to have gone the first two decades of my life never getting a whiff of a tuberose-centric perfume, but when Michael Kors’s eponymous first fragrance was launched in my early 20s, it was an epiphany for me. It felt like someone had mixed together a magic potion of bananas, gardenias, and […]

Merkel and May eye Irish deal to snap Brexit impasse

London: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has begun to engage more directly with the Brexit process, having long calls with British Prime Minister Theresa May and other EU leaders, including the Irish Taoiseach. Brexit has been reduced to a shambles, with Britain’s Parliament unable to agree to the terms of exit and no single party, group or faction having […]