Know About the Popular Lotteries of New Zealand

The inherent wish of humans to become millionaires overnight has contributed a lot in making lotteries popular across the globe. There have been many popular lotteries running in Europe, the US etc. for years and the popularity graph is only going northwards. New Zealand is no different and there are many lotteries running in this sovereign island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Way back in 1987, Lotto New Zealand was officially launched to raise funds for community projects. It’s still running strong and there are many different games available inside it.

Some of these are:

  • Lotto: It is a traditional lottery where one needs to choose 6 numbers from 40 numbers. If all your numbers match with the balls drawn from the machine, you get the top prize. There is also a bonus ball drawn from the same machine.

  • Lotto Strike: It was introduced in 1993 and it challenges the players to predict the first four Lotto balls in the same order in which they will be drawn. Here the jackpot prize keeps rolling till it reaches NZ$700 000 or until the 10th draw if there is no winner.

  • Bullseye: It was started only a decade earlier in 2009 and draws happen on a daily basis. The challenge for the players in this lottery is to predict the six-digit number that will be drawn. The odds of predicting it correctly stands at one in ten lakhs. If someone predicts this Bullseye number correctly, he or she gets the First Division prize, which starts from NZ$100 000. Even if someone doesn’t hit the Bullseye number, there are smaller prizes to be won in this. If the predicted number falls within the 50,000 range on either side of the Bullseye number, then you can claim your prize. The amount keeps increasing the closer you predict to the Bullseye number.

  • Powerball: Launched in 2001, in this, an extra ball is drawn from 1-10, which then combines with the main Lotto balls to claim bigger prizes. So, basically in this, a player enhances a line by going for a Powerball number. If a person wants to play Powerball, a minimum of 4 numbers need to be purchased for each of his tickets. The Powerball number is drawn by a separate machine and not the main lotto machine.

  • Instant Kiwi: If you are interested in scratch cards, they are available by the name Instant Kiwi. They were introduced in 1989 when they replaced Golden Kiwi and have evolved a lot in their journey till 2019. Now, they have 4 ticket-groups and 5 price-levels. This lottery cannot be sold or played by minors. The minimum age to play this and claim your prize is 18. It is the only lottery in New Zealand that has age restriction attached.

  • Play 3: This is the most recently added format in 2014. Here, the players are asked to predict a three-digit number from 000 and 999 that will be drawn. There are different prize categories in it depending upon how many digits are correctly predicted.

These are some of the popular lotteries of New Zealand. If you are wondering how you too can play international lotteries like these, then all you have to do is register on popular portals like Lottoland. The licensed portal is coming to India soon and will offer you the oppotunity to particiapte in the biggest lotteries from the comfort of your home. Online lotteries are played like traditional lotteries, with the added advantage that your ticket will remain safe, and in case of a win, you will be notified by the correct authorities.

Sam Smith