Red, itchy eyes: Is it pink eye or something else?

Local infectious disease specialist explains the difference and possible treatment options. PLYMOUTH, Minn. — It’s the time of year! Cases of pink eye are popping up everywhere from preschools to nursing homes to the office. And while those red, itchy eyes may have you reaching for the eye drops, Allina Health infectious disease specialist Dr. Frank Rhame […]

Builders Betting Big On Luxury Townhomes As Millennials Eye Homeownership

The once no-frills townhome has undergone dramatic makeovers and is finally ready for its close-up. Across the country, builders are rolling out luxury townhomes with increased square footage to emulate the space and feel of single-family detached homes. “There are plenty examples of townhouses being built as luxury homes,” says Robert Dietz, chief economist for […]

Company Wants to Stop Hair Loss With Technology

HairMax LaserBand For as long as people have suffered from hair loss, someone has come around claiming to know how they could get it back—usually with lackluster hair growth if any. HairMax has set out to convince you that they are different. What Makes HairMax Different? Based in Boca Raton, Florida, HairMax is a pioneering laser hair […]