Ayurveda skin care tips: Make friends with Neem leaf, turmeric, cinnamon

With the summer heat rising each day, swimming is one activity most people love to indulge in whenever they get time. It’s a refreshing and fun activity that can be enjoyed by all age groups. But before you step out this summer, ensure you have some skin protection in place. You can take help from […]

Summer skin care: Try these 5 Ayurvedic remedies to protect your skin from the sun

Summer can be fun despite the sweltering heat if one knows how to take good care of the skin and hair. Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays by putting together some simple natural ingredients that are available in every household. Here are some Ayurvedic tips for tackling skin issues in summer. *Skin hydration […]

Skin care tip of the day, replace sugar with herbs, spices to look younger

If you’ve been religiously following health guides and diet charts, you probably already know that sugar is your body’s biggest enemy. If you are not careful about your sugar consumption, you could be staring at a long list of fitness related problems. Almost every nutritionist will tell you to cut down on sugar. Why? There are many […]

9 simple grooming and skin care tricks every man should follow to look good

If you think only women need to bother with pedicures or sunscreen, you’re mistaken. Personal grooming is important for everyone, and certainly men. Regular pedicures, weekly deep cleansing sessions and sweat prevention are a few of things men should be careful about. Ragini Mehra, Founder, Beauty Source and Milan Sharma, Co-founder, Magnifique, have suggested tips: […]