New Study Finds Marijuana Component CBD Makes Glaucoma Worse

GettyGetty If there is a single health issue that has been linked to medical marijuana over the past few decades, it’s the dreaded eye disease known as glaucoma. As early as the 1970s, studies have shown the cannabis plant is beneficial in easing the symptoms of this debilitating condition, perhaps to the level of preventing […]

High protein diets like Atkin’s may increase risk of heart failure, finds study

High protein diets, which have gained in popularity as food trends have turned against carbohydrates, may increase the risk of heart failure in older men by as much as 49 per cent, a study has found. Relatively little research has been conducted on the long-term impact of wolfing down chicken breasts and steak in the name of weight loss, […]

Nutritional Supplements Don’t Improve Heart Health, Study Finds

Photo: LaChrome (Pixabay) People who use vitamin and mineral supplements to keep their heart in tiptop shape probably aren’t getting much out of it, suggests a new review published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The study found that most popular supplements, such as vitamin C and calcium, seemed to provide no benefits in preventing […]