Beware, this is the one place that will destroy your diet

***Embargo until Tuesday, 1/22, at 12 a.m, i.e. start of tuesday *** Pizzas ordered for a working lunch. Cake to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. Potato chips in the vending machine. Foods like these are all too prevalent in workplaces, according to a study released Tuesday. And for America to address its obesity epidemic, the food […]

Red, itchy eyes: Is it pink eye or something else?

Local infectious disease specialist explains the difference and possible treatment options. PLYMOUTH, Minn. — It’s the time of year! Cases of pink eye are popping up everywhere from preschools to nursing homes to the office. And while those red, itchy eyes may have you reaching for the eye drops, Allina Health infectious disease specialist Dr. Frank Rhame […]

Scalp Microblading Is the Latest “It” Treatment for Hair Loss

Noticing more hair in your brush than before? If your ponytail isn’t as robust as it once was, you’re not alone. While we associate the issue more with men, nearly half of Americans dealing with hair thinning are women, according to the American Hair Loss Association. Though treatments for thinning hair abound, most don’t produce immediate […]