Indian food leads the climate change battle with its meatless diet

The traditional Indian thali now seems to have pride of place on the global table. At least, that’s what recent research and trends, particularly in the West, indicate. As virtuous veganism becomes a value in places like North America, the organic aisles of supermarkets are now cluttered with brands with names like Prana or Guru. […]

What is the slimfast diet plan? 3 best Slimfast shakes for cleansing and detox

There have been a few success stories and Kelly Brook, the TV presenter’s weight loss story is one such success story of the Slimfast diet. Slimfast diet can help you reduce weight and to manage it later. What is the slimfast diet plan? 5 best Slimfast shakes for cleansing and detox  |  Photo Credit: Getty Images […]

Your fitness tracker is probably overestimating the calories you’re burning

Chanan Greenblatt / Unsplash You’re off to the gym, what do you take with you? Workout gear, check, water bottle check, fitness tracker, double check. Unfortunately, a new study by a team at Aberystwyth University has found that popular brands of fitness trackers are overestimating the number of calories burned by more than 50 per cent. The researchers […]

Any ‘planetary diet’ must also work for the poorest and most vulnerable

Over the past two years, 37 experts from around the world have battled to develop a diet that is both sustainable and healthy. They integrated existing knowledge on the impact of diet on diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, with the impact of current food production systems on the environment. The result of this […]